Business CW 2024 - 02 | Page 5

MEVAL Events

series of awareness events

prior to the June review

In the month of June 2024, CuraƧao will undergo an evaluation by the CFATF (Caribbean Financial Action Task Force) on international compliance to combat money laundering and terrorism financing (CAFTF Mutual evaluation). The outcome affects the country, economy, businesses, and citizens' quality of life. Participation in events is crucial to understand the evaluation's implications, preparation for businesses and employees, and the potential consequences. Our initial Papiamentu webinar and lunch linked entrepreneurs with compliance professionals, and an available recording is available for review in your own time. Future events in English aim to educate all interested parties.

Why participate? Negative Mutual Evaluation results lead to serious consequences: financial and economic stagnation, limited international transactions, and higher prices for basic goods. Active involvement in webinars is encouraged to collectively prepare for any challenges.

Who should attend? Financial institutions, designated businesses, and professions (DNFBP's) including vehicle sellers, real estate agents, notaries, lawyers, sellers of building materials, administrative offices, accountants, jewelers, and casino operators.

What will you learn? The importance of CFATF evaluation, MEVAL's impact on local and international businesses, and ensuring preparedness as a regulated entity.

Take action: Understand, prepare, and participate for the collective well-being of our country. Your cooperation is vital for our future development. Register now!