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Issue 2 /Business CW 4



Greetings visionary Entrepreneurs!


During our meet & greet with entrepreneurs from several sectors and representation of Curaçao Business Point, as Chairman of the Board, together with the board of the Chamber, we were able to not only speak to, but also listen and shake hands with entrepreneurs just like you. In this February issue of our Chamber's newsletter we already put in gear some of the actions following these conversations.

We are organizing awareness and educational sessions for entrepreneurs in sectors of interest for the Mutual evaluation that will happen in June 2024 while preparing the sessions to sharpen our SME's entrepreneurial skills. This edition also lines up a business opportunity that might be of your interest while propelling your knowledge and growth.

Our business networks will continue to stretch far and wide, not only tapping into the dynamic Latin American market but also forging new connections closer to home in the Caribbean.

Anticipate exciting activities with the Americas and Caribbean region but especially: Colombia, Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela, marked by structured relations and strenghtening of the current ties and excecution of projects. The first Entrepreneurship session is also ready for your registration to gain knowledge on the topic of Cybersecurity and at the same time socially network with fellow entrepreneurs to broaden your business connections.

Let's swipe left to scan the next few pages of news, opportunities and upcoming events! Let's roll up our sleeves to trigger economic growth by working together!