Business CW 2024 - 04 | Page 5

Willemstad- Minister Cooper signed an agreement with Willemstad Parking Management to oversee parking in Punda and Otrobanda. Following a thorough review, Willemstad Parking Management, a mix of

DMO and SKO, was chosen.

Their proposal commits to reinvesting profits into the City Center. After deliberations, the agreement grants them management rights for 5 years. Installation of meters and modern payment tech is imminent. The agreement also stipulates a fixed payment to the


Willemstad Parking Management will partner with Securitas BV and Flowbird SAS for implementation, aiming for operational readiness within 5 months. Drivers will soon have varied payment options. The Curaçao Flowbird app offers easy payment with cards, while the Curaçao Parking Card allows contactless swiping. Additionally, coin

payment options will be provided.



Minister Cooper and Willemstad Parking Management sign agreement

for parking management in Punda and Otrobanda*

44 Flowbird Strada Generation 3 parking meters, solar-powered, will be acquired. Trained enforcers will monitor parking with specialized vehicles. Equipment ordering concludes soon,

ensuring readiness within 5 months.

25.5% of parking spaces will revert to the government, with DMO/SKO using their share for city center improvements. Electric vehicle charging stations will support the SMART CITY concept.

Stay tuned for updates from the government and Willemstad Parking Management. (*excerpt

from original Papiamentu press release)